Technological Institute of the Philippines

4th T.I.P. Inhinyera Day highlights women empowerment

(From second from left) Guest speakers Engr. Kate Edquibal, Engr. Abigail Igbuhay, Engr. Jerelyn Notario, and Engr. Christine Joy Arce shared their experiences and success in the field of engineering to Inhinyera members during the seminar opening activity of the 4th Inhinyera Day. Also in the photo are Inhinyera advisers Engr. Maria Teresa Mendoza and ASEAN Engr. Marianne Yumul.

Women in the Technological Insitute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) Manila’s engineering program gathered last September 25, 2019 for the 4th T.I.P. Inhinyera Day with the theme “#IAmInhinyera: Muse of the World, Warrior of Life”.

The T.I.P. Inhinyera Club invited successful T.I.P. alumni Engr. Jerelyn Notario, Engr. Kate Edquibal, Engr. Abigail Igbuhay, and Engr. Christine Joy Arce to be the guest speakers in the seminar organized for Inhinyera members.

Engr. Igbuhay encouraged the future women engineers in attendance by ending her speech with, “And so we, alumni, are part of yesterday’s frontier. But you, future engineers, are tomorrow’s horizons.” All the speakers emphasized in their speeches that women have no problem excelling in men-dominated fields such as engineering.

Under the guidance of their adviser, ASEAN Engr. Marianne Yumul, the T.I.P. Manila’s Inhinyera Club also organized Poster Making Contest, K-POP Dance Contest, The Last Tandem Standing race, and the Girl Power Concert for all their members to enjoy.

According to T.I.P. Manila Inhinyera Club President Angelica May Silao, a Computer Engineering student, the highlight of the 4th Inhinyera Day was the Girl Power Concert where Inhinyera members enjoyed the night singing with Moonstar88, Imago, Gracenote, The Vowels They Orbit, and Kurei.

Silao noted, “The Inhinyera Day was a success from the seminar opening activity to the concert closing activity. It was fulfilling to see our members having fun while showing their support for our advocacy.”

T.I.P. launched the Inhinyera Club in 2015 with the aim of inspiring young women to take on engineering as a career path and empowering them to break down barriers in a male-dominated field.

To date, the Inhinyera Club in T.I.P. Manila has 1,300 members and is looking forward to growing as more women enroll in T.I.P.’s various engineering programs.