Technological Institute of the Philippines

T.I.P. Teams Excel at Singapore Engineering Innovation Challenge 2019

Team U-13 (top) and Team U-08 (bottom)

Two teams from the Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) made it to the top 10 of this year’s Singapore Engineering Innovation Challenge held at Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability, Singapore last July 18-20, 2019.

The T.I.P. teams received merit awards for their efforts. Computer Engineering students Carl Anthony Joven, Joshua Daniel Lagasca, Thea Marie Marquez, Ryan Chris Santos, and John Benedick Sta. Romana were the members of Team U-08 while Electronics Engineering students Renzo Miguel Diaz, Jonathan Itum, Nino Jornales, and Kerwin Sibunga composed the team U-13.

Participants were challenged to design and build a prototype of a portable ionizing radiation detector. Team U-08 presented their project called “GeCo: A Compact Pocket Geiger Counter for Mobile Device” which is a portable and low-cost device that is highly sensitive to ionizing radiation and attached to a phone’s micro USB port. On the other hand, Team U-13 showcased their project entitled “Project Raven: Semiconductor Spectral Detector for Ionizing Radiation Agent” which is an ionizing radiation background detector using PIN diode. Both projects could help simplify the detection of ionizing radiation which is common in X-ray, CT scan, gamma ray, and smoke detectors. It can damage tissues and organs and can increase the risk of cancer depending on the dose of radiation received.

Teams U-08 and U-13 won SGD 1,000 cash and a prototype fund of SGD 500 for their efforts. Team U-08 also brought home additional SGD 300 cash for winning the Popularity Award with 7,780 votes. The two teams competed against 16 other teams from the Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

The Engineering Innovation Challenge (EIC) was sponsored by the National Research Foundation and was organized by the Institute of Engineers, Singapore and Science Center Singapore with the support of the Ministry of Education.