Technological Institute of the Philippines

JUANder PAWS from T.I.P. wins in CHRONICS 2018

T.I.P. Quezon City’s JUANder PAWS team won 2nd place in the CHRONICS 2018 Product Design and Ergonomics competition held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on September 20-23, 2018 with the theme “Pioneering Inventions for Stress Relief”.

The participating teams had to undergo four challenges in the 3-day competition. The complexity of each level pushed each team to think of innovative ideas with the limited time, resource, and knowledge they were provided. From pitching ideas on the spot and creating new product designs, Team JUANder PAWS proved that their novice experience in joining international competitions did not hinder them from succeeding.

Out of a hundred teams who applied to join the competition, the JUANder PAWS were included in the top 15 teams who were officially invited to participate in the contest proper. Among the finalists, JUANder PAWS is the only non-Indonesian team to participate in the competition.

The JUANder PAWS team, composed of 5th year Industrial Engineering students Paulo Nino Z. Lopez, Ross Kenneth A. Mejia, and 4th year Industrial Engineering student Jashley A. Santos together with their coach, Engr. Yoshiki B. Kurata, developed the “Paw Padinator”, a backpack like self-massage equipment used to provide an efficient way to reduce stress in users. The product design’s inspiration came from the team’s own experience of having pets as a source of stress relief. According to the research conducted by JUANder PAWS, working millennials in Asia were considered to be the most stressed-out generation, their study pointed out the negative effects of stress such depression which leads to work unproductivity or development of mental illness on a long-term basis. Hence, the team felt that working millenials are the perfect target market of their product, “Paw Padinator” which is an economical, portable, and user-friendly massage device.

“We honestly thought we weren’t going to make it since we had a deadline that cannot be moved. It was hard because we had to submit our undergrad papers for our other courses simultaneously with the product design for our entry into the contest, but we were able to pull it off and our team was able to go to Indonesia,” Team Captain Paulo Lopez said about the hurdles his team encountered. “Being able to represent our country and T.I.P. has definitely made overcoming all the struggles worth it.”

Running on its 11th year, CHRONICS 2018 is one of the largest Product Design and Ergonomics competition in the Southeast Asian region and is organized annually by the Himpunan Teknik Industri UGM (Industrial Engineering Student Association of Universities Gadjah Mada). The competition’s goal is to sharpen the student’s innovative thinking and creativity, and to help the attendees grow their professional network.