Technological Institute of the Philippines

T.I.P. women of engineering gather together in the official launch of the Inhinyera Club

The T.I.P. Inhinyera Club was officially launched on August 18, at the Anniversary Halls of T.I.P. QC and T.I.P. Manila. At the launch, the organization’s new members and first charter of student officers for the school year 2015–2016 were inducted. The Inhinyera Board of Advisors made up of program chairs and faculty members from T.I.P. Manila and T.I.P. QC were also introduced to the T.I.P. community.

The T.I.P. Inhinyera Club, the brainchild of T.I.P.’s Executive Vice President, Angel Lahoz, is part of an advocacy that aims to give young women the opportunity to explore and build an interest in engineering, to empower and inspire them to nurture their creativity and innovative spirit and make a difference in the world through engineering. It is the only club of its kind in the Philippines.

The Inhinyera Club officers of T.I.P. QC with Dr. Elizabeth Quirino-Lahoz (7th from left), Dr. Rosalinda Valdepeñas (8th from left), and Dr. Jesusa Padilla (9th from left)

The Inhinyera Club officers of T.I.P. Manila with Dr. Elizabeth Quirino-Lahoz

The T.I.P. Inhinyera Club student officers are made up of highly qualified students and academic achievers coming from the different engineering programs of T.I.P. They are headed by a unified Inhinyera President for T.I.P. Manila and T.I.P. QC, Jessica Pabillore, a 5th year BS Mechanical Engineering student from T.I.P. Quezon City (1st photo, 6th from left), together with Vice Presidents, Inna Victoria Puno, a 5th year BS Electronics Engineering student from T.I.P. Manila (2nd photo, 3rd from left), and Pauline Nicole Bernadette Luna, a 3rd year BS Electrical Engineering student from T.I.P. QC (1st photo, 1st from left).

The Inhinyera Club is governed by a board made up of T.I.P. officers who are also women engineers. They are led by Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Chairperson of Gender Development and Inhinyera (GADI), Dr. Rosalinda Valdepeñas (Civil Engineer), with GADI Co-Chairpersons, Dr. Jesusa Padilla (Electronics Engineer), Dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture of T.I.P. QC, and Engr. Marianne Yumul (Electrical Engineer), Chairperson of the Electrical Engineering Program of T.I.P. Manila.

During the launch, T.I.P. President, Dr. Elizabeth Quirino-Lahoz, who served as induction officer and keynote speaker, impressed on her belief that T.I.P. Inhinyeras – equipped with their academic and total student development preparation at T.I.P., and their grit and determination – like men, can actually excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). “Put your sterling qualities as Inhinyeras to good use and realize your Inhinyera advocacy, your vision, mission and goals, and fly,” advised Dr. Lahoz.

Before the end of her message, the president proposed three projects that could help give the Inhinyera Club a headstart towards realizing its advocacy. These were: a tracer study on successful T.I.P. Inhinyeras, a special training in Root-cause Analysis such as Fish-bone Analysis or Ishikawa Diagram, and a research on how millennials learn.

The launch was concluded with an inspirational message from the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Cynthia Llanes and an inaugural message from the Inhinyera Club President, Jessica Pabillore.

As of this writing, the Inhinyera Club now has more than 1,800 members and is looking forward to growing and helping change the engineering landscape in T.I.P. with more women engineering students and graduates.

For T.I.P. female engineering students who would like to become part of the Inhinyera Club, please see the following:

Dr. Jesusa Padilla
Dean, College of Engineering & Architecture, Quezon City
Dean’s Office
3rd Floor, Administration Building
Quezon City Campus

Engr. Marianne Yumul
Department Chairperson Electrical Engineering, Manila
T.I.P. Arlegui, Manila Campus

Engr. Jaypy Tenerife
Office of the VP for Strategic Initiatives
3rd Floor, Administration Building
Quezon City Campus