Technological Institute of the Philippines

T.I.P. honors service awardees for 2017

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) recently paid tribute to its service awardees from T.I.P. Manila and T.I.P. Quezon City in awarding ceremonies held in both campuses on January 24 and January 25, 2017 respectively.

This year’s service awardees from T.I.P. Manila were: Anna Catherine O. Cañete, Mr. Fernando A. Cabatbat, Ma. Theresa B. Mendoza, and Eva F. Guevarra for 24 years of service; Rogelio G. dela Cruz, Jennifer B. Enriquez, and Julieta B. Santos for 15 years; and Winifredo E. Gonzales, Ranya B. Rosqueta, Efren B. Chavez, Grospe R. Yape, Charlemagne G. Laviña, Froilan S. Labausa, Leo L. Mojica, Ruel L. Laganzo, and Jocel S. Becaro for 10 years of service.

T.I.P. Quezon City’s service awardees were: Chona T. Metica for 24 years of service; Lirio F. Banal, Alvin T. dela Cruz, Marietta R. Eclavea, Prescilla B. Luzong, Ariel H. Magat, Ferdinand D. Milan for 20 years; Allan B. Benogsudan, Angeles A. de Guzman, Ma. Teodora E. Gutierrez, and John Pete G. Sarabia for 15 years; and Miguel P. Cabarrubias, Hiyasalde H. Cadiente, Catherine T. Cruz, Amparo L. Faraon, Carmi T. Malagar, and Mie Rose C. Tejada for 10 years of service.

24-Year Service awardees, Eva T. Guevarra of the Purchasing Office and Chona T. Metica of the Registrar’s Office spoke on behalf of their fellow awardees.

Guevarra started work at T.I.P. back in 1985, but had to leave in 1992 due to personal reasons. When she came back, she never left again. She has been with the school for 31 years in all. “Half of T.I.P.’s existence, I am a witness. I am a living part of T.I.P. history,” she said. She also emphasized how she thinks of T.I.P. as her home, seeing her colleagues as her second family.

Metica, in her message, shared how working in T.I.P. has helped changed her family’s life. She also related how her siblings’ children benefitted from studying in T.I.P., mentioning that they have already graduated and are now working, helping their own families. Metica also shared this piece of advice to fellow employees: “Stay with people who make you happy.”

The T.I.P. Service Awards is done every year in time for T.I.P.’s anniversary celebration. The school considers itself very fortunate to have such loyal and hardworking employees. The T.I.P. employee recognition and service awards is one way T.I.P. honors its employees who exemplify loyalty and inspiring work attitude worth emulating by others.