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T.I.P. student innovations win golds, silvers in first-ever MIPIBIEx

Six groups of senior high school students from the Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) Manila brought home three golds and three silvers from the 1st Manila Intellectual Property Innovation and Business Incubation Expo 2021.

Five of the six entries focused on creating solutions for the country’s problem in water hyacinth invading large bodies of water like the Pasig River while the other one concentrated on utilizing pineapple stem, one of the waste products in pineapple production.

These researches of the 44 senior high school students of T.I.P. Manila aimed to reduce the growth of water hyacinths while taking advantage of its usefulness and introducing its viability of becoming a source of income for a community. Their hard work produced a variety of innovative products made from water hyacinth and pineapple stem. The six entries are as follows:

  • Utilization of Pineapple Stems (Ananas Comosus) in Producing Starch-Based Bioplastic (gold) by student researchers Kimaru Cerda, Arnie Gerome De Guzman, Almira Caryl De Mesa, Rizza Mae Mamangon, Jade Niño Nemis, Kayla Santelices, and Syl Norman Vidal.
  • Vegan Leather: The Reinforcement of a Sustainable Manufactured Products Using Water Hyacinth Stems as Raw Material (gold) by student researchers Shania Pumicpic, Yves Jun Barcenilla, Jamie Amandaleigh Enriquez, Gene Paolo Espiritu, Lloyd Martin Hollero, Jana Marie Sadicon, Edward Louis Eisen Saga, and Ann Kassiel San Jose
  • Utilization of Water Hyacinth (E. crassipes) Fibers as Yarn for Production of Organic Gloves (gold) by student researchers Enrique Raphael Bondoc, Kyle Leo Sartorio, Vince Matthew Ignacio, John Marco Coralde, Carl Andrew Palabasan, Nomer Sadiasa, and Paolo Miguel Bulanon.
  • Feasibility Study of Water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes Board as a Sustainable Innovation (silver) by students researchers Jylcian Paul Asauro, John Jerwin Bautista, Yasmaine Abigail Maraña, John Patrick Peros, Samantha Pauline Ramos, and Alethea Erika Vargas.
  • Source of Energy: Utilization of Water Hyacinth as a Main Component of Charcoal Briquette (silver) by students researchers Mark Aldrin Santos, Rob Ryan Baluyot, Ludwig Liam Hapor, Ryndle Carl Obar, Matthew James Pilar, Samuel Sandoval, Rod Jacob Brent Tapang, and Vhinze Aarinze Zoleta.
  • Launching of HyaTerminatre v1.0: A Collector of Seed and Stolon from Eichhornia crassipes (silver) by student researchers Rhea Mae Bucio, Maui Christ Ierathel Flores, Jessie Israel Vladimir Grados, Harvin Leyran, Dhan Marie Karl Lomanog, Joshua James Pagaoa, Ricardo Puri, and Sophia Shane Robles.

Three of the six groups also received special awards from the competition: Special Honour of Invention (Organic Gloves and Starch-Based Bioplastic), Manila Seal of Excellence (Organic Gloves); and Best Video and Top 3 Product Innovation (HyaTerminatre).

Winning three golds and three silvers was a big accomplishment to T.I.P. Manila’s Senior High School department. Dr. Glorielyn Lucas-Camerino, Principal, said, “T.I.P's mantra of lifelong learning, problem-solving, and innovation made our student representatives win. From the onset, T.I.P.ians are trained to become research-oriented to find solutions to social and environmental problems and help champion sustainable development goals.”

Mr. Jose Antonio B. Orcine, Mathematics and Research Teacher, introduced the existing problem of water hyacinth invasion to the researchers. He proposed the application of Problem - Based Learning, the teaching method in which real-world problems are used to promote student learning, to be the framework students used for their researches.

A total of 65 groups participated but only 19 qualified for the finals in the student category of the competition. The students virtually presented to a panel of judges from different organizations like JCI Makati and Ayala Foundation.

MIPIBIEx is a division-wide competition organized by the Division of City Schools-Manila Innovation Council in partnership with the City Government of Manila and other stakeholders.

For more information on T.I.P., please or T.I.P.’s official social media accounts through @TIP1962official for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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