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T.I.P. recognizes distinguished employees on annual Employees' Recognition

(In photo) The T.I.P. Employees’ Recognition 2021 Service Awardees: (T.I.P. QC-24 years, clockwise) Prescilla Luzong, Dr. Ariel Magat, Engr. Ferdinand Milan, Marietta Eclavea, Eng. Alvin De La Cruz, and Lirio Banal; (T.I.P. QC - 20 years, clockwise) Vilma Marcaida, Paul Maria Pesito, Maria Cecilia Venal, and Marivic Uberita; (T.I.P. Manila - 20 years) Arlyn Delariarte, Marjoey Lago, and Suzette Pana.

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) highlighted the celebration of its 59th founding anniversary with its Employees' Recognition night, where employees who have been with T.I.P. for more than two decades were given recognition for their service and loyalty.

T.I.P. President Dr. Elizabeth Quirino-Lahoz expressed her appreciation to this year’s awardees saying, “It is the day when we recognize our service awardees who have stayed on and love T.I.P. like their second family and their second home. They remain faithful to the school’s goals and objectives through the many long years.”

Service awardees recognized from T.I.P. Manila were Arlyn Delariarte, Marjoey Lago, and Suzette Pana for their 20 years of service.

Among the service awardees from T.I.P. Quezon City were Prescilla Luzong, Ariel Magat, Ferdinand Milan, Lirio Banal, Alvin De La Cruz, and Marietta Eclavea for their 24 years of service. Other awardees from T.I.P. QC were Vilma Marcaida, Paul Maria Pesito, Marivic Uberita, and Maria Cecilia Venal for their 20 years of service.

T.I.P. also recognized employees who helped build up the number of enrollees through their student referrals and enrollment recruits.

Dr. Quirino ended her speech with encouragement and expression of gratitude to the T.I.P. community for staying with the institution despite all the challenges. “Thank you everyone for staying even amidst a pandemic. May all the challenges that have come our way and will continue to come our way continue to strengthen our solidarity as an institution and as a family.”

The annual T.I.P. Employee Recognition serves as a testament to the institution’s unwavering gratitude towards the employees for continuously choosing T.I.P. and finding their life’s purpose in serving the students and the institution.

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