Technological Institute of the Philippines

T.I.P. partners with Applied Machining Corporation for integrated temperature-attendance monitoring system against COVID-19

(in photo) the T.I.P. team with the calibratable and system integratable duoSENSE device turned over for field testing to Applied Machining Corporation.

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) and Applied Machining Corporation (AMC) are in the final phase of producing a Filipino-designed temperature scanner that can be integrated with a company’s attendance monitoring system. Called the duoSENSE, the T.I.P.-developed device shall enable more efficient health monitoring and COVID-19 contact tracing efforts initially in AMC’s headquarters in Biñan, Laguna.

The engineering school’s duoSENSE device is a contactless elevated skin temperature scanner that uses two infrared sensors. Unlike conventional scanners which lack calibration features, duoSENSE can be calibrated based on certification standards, allowing it to take highly accurate body thermal readings despite varying environmental temperatures. This allows it to be reliable in the long run without becoming less and less accurate over time, as is the risk with conventional infrared thermometers.

Moreover, duoSENSE was developed to work with AMC’s existing attendance monitoring system, a feature absent on traditionally standalone temperature scanners. The data from T.I.P.’s device can automatically be recorded, gathered, transported, and integrated with a company’s existing systems and databases.

“The T.I.P. duoSENSE solves the inefficiency and accuracy issues of common infrared thermometers, ensuring that companies can keep their workforces safe in our continuing battle against COVID-19,” commented T.I.P. Senior Vice President Angelo Lahoz.

“On top of integrating traditionally separate health monitoring and attendance systems, duoSENSE also enables employees to report into work much quicker without being hindered by manual logging processes. Companies also save valuable resources and can facilitate better contact tracing because they do not have to manually consolidate attendance and temperature records. We thank AMC for trusting T.I.P. with this significant endeavor,” Mr. Lahoz further explained.

The T.I.P. duoSENSE project was designed and developed over the course of seven months by T.I.P.’s team of expert engineers in close cooperation with AMC. This timeline involved circuit design, device prototyping, performance evaluation, and product iterations to ensure that duoSENSE is reliable, accurate, can be certifiably calibrated, and is seamlessly integrated with AMC’s attendance system.

This project between T.I.P. and AMC is made possible by T.I.P. TechnoCoRe, T.I.P.’s institutional direction towards Industry-Academe Collaborative Applied Research. This thrust enables T.I.P., its researchers, and its faculty members to help Philippine organizations address their pain points through innovative, solution-generating efforts. T.I.P. TechnoCoRe also provides industry partners with an innovative and inquisitive workforce for key projects beyond the scope of their organizational capabilities. For more information on T.I.P. and T.I.P. TechnoCoRe, please visit T.I.P.’s official social media accounts through @TIP1962official for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may also visit or email [email protected].