Technological Institute of the Philippines

T.I.P. to introduce new educational experiences with LEADS program

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) is reengineering how it delivers its services starting this School Year 2020-2021 by launching T.I.P. LEADS—its new Learning Experience using Alternative-Design Systems.

“LEADS is T.I.P.’s innovative way of providing an exciting online and flexible learning experience for the students. But instead of merely migrating from traditional face-to-face to online education, T.I.P. is reengineering its entire education ecosystem to set itself up as a stronger engineering and computing school during and even beyond this pandemic,” commented Dr. Elizabeth Quirino-Lahoz, T.I.P. President.

On top of a reengineered education ecosystem, T.I.P. LEADS shall also involve modular course delivery; Online Study Group Tutorials; Online Student Well-being Program; and the transition of the USAID STRIDE-awarded T.I.P. Career Center into a virtual one.

T.I.P. undergraduate and graduate program students shall all now experience modular course delivery this upcoming first semester. In contrast to the traditional delivery where students take up to 9 courses simultaneously, the modular approach allows students to focus on and complete up to 3 courses every 6 weeks. The student-friendly modular approach ensures better attainment of learning outcomes, while at the same time lessening the time students need to spend in front of their devices.

The T.I.P. Online Study Group Tutorial (OSGT) sessions is a free tutorial service which aims to prepare incoming college students for college level Math and English topics. Offered through Canvas LMS—the official learning platform of T.I.P.—OSGT shall additionally enable students to familiarize themselves with online and flexible learning even before the official start of the semester. T.I.P.’s alumni can likewise attend these OSGT sessions as part of their licensure examination review.

There shall also be synergistic delivery of student services such as Student Affairs, Guidance and Counseling Center, and Medical and Dental Clinic through the online T.I.P. Student Well-being Program. The schools Student Affairs staff shall be online to handle the academic and non-academic issues faced by the students. To better ensure their physical and mental health, students can set virtual consultations with T.I.P. 's guidance counsellors and doctors, ensuring they do not have to leave their homes for their basic well-being needs.

Moreover, the T.I.P. Virtual Career Center has prepared a full lineup of online activities and seminars throughout the semester to further help prepare T.I.P.ians for work.

“This shift to online and flexible learning is indeed drastic. This is why T.I.P. is innovating its services and processes. Though the mode of learning shall be different for the time being, we want to ensure that our students still get the quality, relevant education they have come to expect from us. Whatsmore, T.I.P. LEADS is an important forward-thinking step towards making our education borderless and accessible for Filipinos, wherever they may be,” said Dr. Quirino-Lahoz