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T.I.P. holds first Brown Bag Sessions for applied research projects

(in photo) the 2021 T.I.P. TechnoCoRe Brown Bag sessions attended by the school’s management, academic community, and involved applied researchers, faculty members, and staff.

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) last February 24, 2021 held its inaugural TechnoCoRe Brown Bag Sessions. This is a virtual event where its researchers and faculty members share their experiences in collaborative applied research and projects with the school’s industry partners. It was witnessed by T.I.P.’s management and academic community from its Quezon City and Manila campuses.

T.I.P. TechnoCoRe is the school’s thrust towards Technopreneurship and Collaborative Applied Research. It empowers T.I.P.’s researchers, faculty members, and students to work on innovative solutions to the problems of stakeholders, including government, industry, civic organizations, and society at large.

“At its very core, TechnoCoRe exposes our researchers and faculty members to experience-based skills development and knowledge application with our partners. It gives them vast opportunities for real-life problem solving, which then translates into better insights and mentoring of their students in the classroom. They are the ones educating and equipping our nation’s future workforce. Therefore, it is in our best interest to put them at the intersection of theory and practice,” said T.I.P. Senior Vice President Mr. Angelo Lahoz during the event.

A total of 12 T.I.P. project teams presented during the TechnoCoRe Brown Bag Sessions, each sharing their experiences, learnings, and insights from working on applied research projects and consultancies with T.I.P.’s partners. These projects cover various fields of expertise, including: software development; enterprise resource planning; product design, system design, and development; automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics; power and energy engineering; and environmental and sanitary engineering.

Some of the industry partners for these endeavors include the following: ADEC Innovations Healthcare Incorporated, Almedah Food Machineries Corporation, Applied Machining Corporation, Conservation International Philippines, JGenTech, Metercor, SiglaVent, and SubicWater.

T.I.P.’s in-house Applied Research Unit, Technical Operations Unit, and Technology Business Incubation Unit also shared their roles in enabling TechnoCoRe’s various completed and on-going efforts. On top of these projects, T.I.P. TechnoCoRe also has a growing portfolio of other collaborative applied research activities across various stages of completion.

“As an engineering school, our ability to help stakeholders solve problems through innovative and collaborative applied research is our strong suit. The quality, depth, and breadth of the work we have done and are currently doing with our partners is our contribution to national development. We will always be an open and willing partner of Filipinos, for Filipinos,” concluded Mr. Lahoz.

For more information on T.I.P. and T.I.P. TechnoCoRe, please visit T.I.P.’s official social media accounts through @TIP1962official for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may also visit or email [email protected].

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