Technological Institute of the Philippines

T.I.P. and JGentech partner up to provide power solutions to Philippine manufacturing plants

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) and power engineering company JGentech Enterprises (JGentech) are currently collaborating to develop power failure solutions for various manufacturing plants throughout the country.

The partnership was formalized late 2019 at the T.I.P. Quezon City TechnoCoRe engineering and fabrication facility. Signing on behalf of each party was T.I.P. Senior Vice President Angelo Lahoz and JGentech President/CEO John Espejo.

“It is the mission of T.I.P., through TechnoCoRe, to actively engage industry in collaborative applied research endeavors. We want to help Filipino industries grow by applying our engineering expertise to address their problems and act on opportunities. In doing so, they are able to provide better value not only for their stakeholders, but to the FIlipino society at large,” commented Mr. Lahoz.

JGentech is an engineering, procurement, and construction company specializing in electrical and electro-mechanical systems. It offers complete repair, rewind, and reconditioning solutions—including diagnostic, field service, comprehensive preventive maintenance, and 24/7 emergency services—on all makes and models of AC/DC motors and generators. JGentech also provides motor redesign and performance verification and analysis through its in-house engineering staff.

The T.I.P.-JGentech project seeks to minimize power failures and consequent production stoppages in industrial manufacturing plants. Even brief downtimes have the potential to cause millions of Pesos in losses both to the company and the Philippine economy. The T.I.P. engineering faculty members and researchers shall be conducting an extensive power analysis on industrial-scale power generators with the help of specialized software, tools, and other applications. Through this in-depth inspection, the T.I.P. team shall be able to present the suspects behind power tripping, as well as provide ample recommendations on how these can be prevented.

This partnership is made possible by T.I.P. TechnoCoRe, T.I.P.’s thrust towards Industry-Academe Collaborative Applied Research. As an industry-facing service, T.I.P. TechnoCoRe engages T.I.P. researchers and faculty members in problem-solving and solution-generating efforts that address the real-life issues of industry partners. T.I.P. through TechnoCoRe provides industry partners with an innovative and inquisitive workforce for key projects beyond the scope of their organizational capabilities.