Technological Institute of the Philippines

T.I.P. SHS student bagged a Gold Award at the HKIMO 2019 – Heat Round

A Grade 12 senior high student (SHS) from the Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) Quezon City bagged a gold award at the 2019 Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad (HKIMO 2019) – Philippines, an international mathematical competition developed by the former Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad team leader whose goal is to promote and increase the students’ interest on Mathematical Olympiad all over the world. The competition was held on June 2, 2019 at the UP School of Statistics.

Among the 46 participants for the Senior Secondary Group from the different regions all over the Philippines, Prince Ivan Paraiso from T.I.P. SHS STEM B2 placed 12th after successfully passing the 25 mathematical problems that covered the 5 main topics: Algebra, Geometry, Logical Reasoning, Number Theories, and Combinations.

“I was not nervous at all, yet, there were mathematical questions in the exam that were new to me. All I wanted was to give honor to T.I.P. especially in this kind of prestigious international mathematical Olympiad, that is why I was very eager to win,” said SHS student Prince Ivan Paraiso.

For the HKIMO 2019, organizers gave each participant a simulation quiz upon their registration for them to have the knowledge on the mathematical problems that will be given to them on the competition proper.

Paraiso’s competition adviser Ms. Mary Stephanie Yaw said, “Prince was very determined to land a place at the HKIMO 2019 – Heat Round. I saw the eagerness in him during our preparation for the competition. In fact, before the HKIMO 2019 he competed and became a finalist in another mathematical competition locally which also took place in UP, and another international contest that was held in Singapore.”

Paraiso will be competing in Hong Kong for the upcoming HKIMO 2019 – Final Round that will be held on from August 30 to September 2, 2019.

Currently, Paraiso is in the 33rd place out of 288 participants in the Senior Secondary Group. Gold award winners from the HKIMO 2019 – Final Round will be competing in the World International Mathematical Olympiad – Final that will be held in Tokyo, Japan on December 2019.