Technological Institute of the Philippines

T.I.P.: Leading education in the time of COVID-19 and beyond

2020 was historic for the Philippine education system. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home and to practice physical distancing, education around the country had to evolve quickly. Like all other schools, T.I.P. was forced to trade the familiarity of physical classrooms for the safety of remote learning. Education could not stop and its continuity was paramount.

As a 59-year old institution, T.I.P. has surpassed various challenges that shaped it into one of the country’s top engineering schools. Meeting this new challenge of the pandemic head on, T.I.P. implemented online and flexible learning for all its students across Senior High School, College, and Graduate Programs starting March 2020.

Fortunately for T.I.P.’s students, the school was no stranger to online learning.

Even before the pandemic, T.I.P. 's students and teachers had already engaged in non-traditional learning methods to augment face-to-face classes. All these efforts were consolidated starting the 2nd Semester of School Year 2019-2020, with T.I.P. officially tapping Canvas as its exclusive learning management system (LMS). During the Summer 2020 term, T.I.P. was one of the few institutions in the country and in the National Capital Region to offer fully online learning.

By mid 2020, just a few months into the pandemic, T.I.P. reengineered its education ecosystem to fit the unique needs of online learning and online service delivery to its students. The T.I.P. culture of continuous improvement and its track record as an accomplished engineering institution allowed the school to be steadfast in this new educational climate.

Aggressive in-service training in all levels, across all levels, was conducted. Teaching personnel were especially trained for platform-appropriate educational delivery. Even T.I.P. services were recalibrated and the processes were redesigned. Moreover, the school created student-centric learning policies to make remote learning as welcoming as possible for the entire community.

All these efforts further ensure that though the modality may be different, the outcomes shall remain the same: T.I.P.ians enjoy the same quality, relevant, and responsive education that empowers them towards a successful future. In fact, with the job market undoubtedly tougher during this pandemic, T.I.P. is further driven to provide its students with the best industry-relevant education they deserve. What this means is T.I.P. students shall graduate with full competence in their fields of study, equipped with the desirable traits highly sought after by employers.

This is what T.I.P. ultimately seeks to accomplish—its sole purpose since its inception in 1962: to provide a better life for Filipinos by empowering its students with the best globally competitive technological education.

For a year now, the school has vigilantly innovated its online and flexible learning modality under the banner of T.I.P. LEADS—Learning Experience using Alternative-Design Systems. T.I.P. LEADS is the collectivity of all these student-centric efforts undertaken to make the remote learning experience better for T.I.P.ians.

The components of T.I.P. LEADS include a re-engineered education ecosystem; strengthened IT infrastructure; a synergistic delivery of student services through the online T.I.P. Student Well-being Program; the transition of its Career Center into a virtual one, a modular delivery of courses for undergraduate students; free online tutorial and study group service; and a very accessible online library service.

Furthermore, T.I.P.’s online learning pace has been made to be more student-friendly. Now, T.I.P. students experience just the right amount of live class hours and weekly school requirements for a better student-life balance. Not to mention the introduction of regular academic breaks—called T.I.P. Academic Breathers— every other Friday whenever possible, to provide T.I.P.ians an extra day of rest.

Still, T.I.P. shall not rest in its continuous improvement initiatives. Rather, T.I.P. is evermore driven to continuously innovate itself for the betterment of its students’ lives, to preserve global excellence, and to continue being a leading provider of engineering, computing, and technological education in the Philippines.

For more information on T.I.P., please or T.I.P.’s official social media accounts through @TIP1962official for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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