Technological Institute of the Philippines

T.I.P. Career Center conducts 3rd Capacity Building

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) Career Center conducted its 3rd Capacity Building workshop with the United States Agency International Development (USAID) Science, Technology, Research, and Innovation for Development (STRIDE), facilitated by Career Center Executive Director of Stanford University, Dr. Farouk Dey and Career Center Director of the University of Florida, Dr. Heather White.

Dr. Dey has been one of the original USAID STRIDE career center consultants for T.I.P., together with Tom Devlin, executive director of the University of California-Berkeley Career Center. On the second year of the career services program, Dr. White was appointed as consultant to replace Mr. Devlin. It was Dr. Dey’s third visit to T.I.P. and Dr. White’s second time.

Participating in the 5-day Capacity Building workshop were the Career Center officers and staff. They were also joined by various offices and departments of T.I.P. Manila and T.I.P. Quezon City including the Office of Student Affairs and Guidance Counseling, together with select T.I.P. officers and students.

The first day of the training series focused on the sharing of the latest updates and accomplishments of the T.I.P. Career Center to the USAID STRIDE Career Center consultants. Based on the reports presented, corresponding recommendations were provided by Dr. Dey and Dr. White. Trends in career services and sharing of best practices in various Career Center facets, such as employer relations and career advising, were touched on in the following days. A workshop on action-plan making was also held.

One of the highlights of the capacity building was the Design Your Life session facilitated by Dr. Dey and Dr. White, where T.I.P. students, officers, and staff alike spent an afternoon participating in fun games and activities meant to teach them design thinking essential for taking on challenges in life, including finding one’s career and calling.

Through the recently concluded T.I.P. Career Center Capacity Building with Dr. Dey and Dr. White of USAID STRIDE, the T.I.P. Career Center aims to improve its processes and shape up its services for concerned stakeholders, most especially the T.I.P. students who will soon be launching their careers and venturing into the outside world as members of the global workforce.