Technological Institute of the Philippines

Plug and Play co-founder to T.I.P.ians: “Never stop learning”

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) Technopreneurship Learning Series (TLS) continues on, this time with Plug and Play Technology Center Co-founder and Vice President of Operations, Jojo Flores. His talk, where he shared his entrepreneurship experiences and learnings to T.I.P. students and faculty members, was held on August 18, 2016 at the T.I.P. Quezon City campus.

“Never stop learning,” Flores told the students as he related how he involved himself in different kinds of ventures through the years. These include American Liquid Packaging Systems (ALPS) where he started and distributed 5-gallon bottled water over 10 water companies under the brand, “Aqua Service.” He also built on his career in the bottled water business in the Philippines through Metro Bottled Water Corporation, under the brand name, “Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water.” Flores is also the Vice President of Chemtex Plastics Asia which he started in Manila in 2012. “They’re not technology-related services, but they were important experiences for me because they have prepared me for Plug and Play,” he said.

Before his success, Flores failed many times and learned to work doubly harder in order to recover from past failures. As parting advice, he said, “You have to ask yourself why you are doing something. You will have to work hard. The ideas, the execution, and the work, they will all have to come from you.”

Plug and Play Technology Center (2006) accelerates the success of a community of over 300 startup technology companies in three (3) campuses at Silicon Valley at any given time. It connects startups to corporations and invests in over 100 companies every year.