Technological Institute of the Philippines

Metercor taps T.I.P. for manufacturing plant electrical system review

(in photo) Metercor and T.I.P. officials during the former’s visit to the engineering and fabrication facilities of the T.I.P. TechnoCoRe building.

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) has completed the electrical system review of Metals Engineering Resources Corporation’s (Metercor) manufacturing plant in July 2020. Formalized last January 2020, the T.I.P.-Metercor partnership entails the engineering school conducting a comprehensive review of the company’s existing electrical plan and electrical lay-out.

The power study is a vital part of gauging the electrical efficiency of Metercor’s manufacturing plant with its currently used equipment, and the feasibility of any plans for expansion. Foreseen expansion in a manufacturing plant must be preceded by regular reviews of the as-built electrical plan to accurately gauge if it will be able to bear power load demands for new and upcoming equipment. The power load demand and power sufficiency in any manufacturing plant is critical because insufficiency of power load can negatively affect production outputs, while excess of power load may unnecessarily increase operational costs.

The T.I.P. team was responsible for the design calculation of the existing electrical system as well as evaluating the need for additional power loads in the future. The project enabled Metercor to explore options for power generation which the company expects to contribute to cost-saving improvements and long term partnership with Ayala Corporation’s AC Energy.

“As an engineering school, T.I.P. is in a prime position to assist in the growth of Philippine companies such as Metercor. These mutually beneficial partnerships allow our partners to focus as much as possible on what they are already good at—running their business—while we work to give them the answers they need and more. At the same time, involved T.I.P. researchers, faculty members, and even students are able to further expand their expertise and skills. It’s a win-win partnership for everyone involved,” commented Mr. Angelo Lahoz, T.I.P. Senior Vice President.

(in photo) T.I.P. TechnoCoRe researchers, faculty members, students, and staff responsible for the Metercor electrical system review.

Founded in 1948, Metercor is a family owned foundry producing castings in grey iron and stainless steel for some of the country’s leading companies in various fields, including the automotive and glass packaging industries with end products used in both domestic and international markets.

This partnership is made possible by T.I.P. TechnoCoRe, T.I.P.’s thrust towards Industry-Academe Collaborative Applied Research. As an industry-facing service, T.I.P. TechnoCoRe engages T.I.P. researchers and faculty members in problem-solving and solution-generating efforts that address the real-life issues of industry partners. T.I.P. through TechnoCoRe provides industry partners with an innovative and inquisitive workforce for key projects beyond the scope of their organizational capabilities.