Technological Institute of the Philippines

CEO and founder of Filpino startup, Tactiles, speaks at the T.I.P. Technopreneurship Learning Series

Engr. Joshua de la Llana, founder and CEO of Tactiles, recently spoke to students of the Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) during an episode of the school’s ongoing Technopreneurship Learning Series (TLS) held at T.I.P. Quezon City on December 5, 2016.

Founded in 2014, Tactiles specializes in the creation of educational toys that aim to help children appreciate and learn science and engineering in a fun way. Composed of a six-man team, it is one of the few startups to bring hardware technology into the worldwide market and is one of the most successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns from the Philippines. The company is responsible for the creation of IQubes, electronic building blocks that allow users to create various electronic devices with them and learn how they actually work.

Same with many startup companies, Tactile’s beginnings were not easy. According to Engr. de la Llana, they struggled financially, constantly making challenging decisions and sacrifices crucial to the company’s survival. “But we were very passionate about what we were doing that we were also very willing to go through the consequences or hurdles along the way,” he said.

The young CEO also explained the concept of crowdfunding – the process of raising money to fund a business venture or product through a large number of people or donors. Crowdfunding was instrumental in the success of IQube. The proudly-Filipino-made IQube has actually received positive feedback from people coming from various countries around the globe.

“You may assume that money is a factor in the success of a startup, but the thing is, it’s all up to you and your team. Everything you do practically goes back to you. The key to success really comes down to the people who are willing to work for it,” Engr. de la Llana told the students.