Technological Institute of the Philippines


As a general policy, a student applicant who complies with the requirements and passes the entrance examination and/or interview may enroll.


A student who graduated from the Secondary Level of Education from the Department of Education (DepEd) is eligible for admission. However, a student who has not completed his secondary level of education but has passed the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) or the Alternative Learning System Test (ALS) from the Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) is also eligible for admission (CHED Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education of 2008).

High school graduates with General Weighted Average (GWA) of 80% or above are exempted from taking the entrance examination. Student must use the name that appears on his admission credentials and birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO). If there is a discrepancy in the name of the student as it appeared in the birth certificate and that which is stated in the admission credentials, the student shall be required to apply for correction of name to the Office of the Registrar. In the case of a married female student, an authenticated copy of the marriage certificate must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for record purposes.


  1. An applicant transferee must have obtained in the previous school a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.75 or its equivalent excluding Physical Education and National Service Training Program (NSTP).
  2. He/she has to comply with the residency requirement in TIP of at least one (1) school year or at least forty two (42) units.
  3. His/her application for admission must first be pre-evaluated and endorsed by the Department Chair or College Dean to the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar will have to endorse the qualified applicant to the Guidance and Counseling Center then to the Security Office for interview.
  4. He/she should pass the entrance examination and interview administered by the Guidance and Counseling Center and the interview administered by the Security Office. Transferees for Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation should also pass the medical screening to be conducted by the Medical and Dental Services department.
  5. He/she should not have incurred failing grades in the previous school. If the applicant transferee had only one(1) failing grade in the previous school, he/she should undergo a second entrance qualifying exam to be admitted to the Board Program. He/she shall be under academic probation however. He/she can also be encouraged to pursue instead a non-Board Program.
  6. He/she should not have been dropped from the rolls of the previous school or of other previous schools due to disciplinary reasons. Exclusion is the penalty if the applicant transferee misrepresents during the interview, even if this is found out only later while the applicant is already enrolled as a student.
  7. Any admitted transferee shall be placed on academic probation until such time that any of his/her program required course/s* taken from his/her former school are validated in TIP.
    (*) Validation/accreditation shall be recommended by the Department Chair upon student’s request for accreditation of course/s taken from the former school and submission of Official Transcript of Records.
  8. Any or all of the above rules may, for exceptional cases, be set aside upon the recommendation of the College Dean and upon the approval of the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs/Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  9. A separate policy for admission of transferees applies to the program BS in Accountancy.
  10. This is for implementation for incoming transferees for the First Semester SY 2008 – 2009.