Technological Institute of the Philippines

Core Competencies

Continuing Improvement Towards Total Quality

A relentless drive towards the improvement of work process in order to achieve quality in all aspects of operations with the objective of delivering quality service to the School's constituents.

Innovativeness In Physical Laboratories and Shops

The ability to innovate in order to improve facilities, laboratories and shops; creative solutions in order to provide and design facilities that are up-to-date and highly conducive to teaching, learning and working.

Creative Management

The ability to innovate so that financial and human resources are conserved and harnessed to the fullest to ensure viability and continued delivery of quality instruction and quality administrative services.

An Organization Willing to Learn

The dynamism, openness and willingness to grow and improve by learning new and better ways of doing things; an organization that does not resist the pain brought about by new learning, new technology, new system, and new policies.

Ability to Engage Technology

The integration of technology in the management of the school and in the conduct of research and instruction.

Quest for Excellence

In order to achieve excellence, the quest is broken down into small steps beginning with setting personal standards higher than those of the School and for the School, and the community, to set standards higher than those of the CHED and national government.