Technological Institute of the Philippines

About the Logo

A fusion of technology and traditional education. The willingness to evolve in the face of new challenges, while maintaining the same passion and steadfastness that build an institution. An institution that imbues its students with Filipino values, industry and global citizen values. An institution that transforms students into graduates who will contribute to the general welfare of society.

The new T.I.P. logo is dominated by lines and symmetry, both important elements in engineering. Behind every great structure is the right mix of lines placed in symmetry.
The proportion between the gray lower block and the white upper block is 60:40 to subliminally reinforce the idea of stability. The base, which is colored black, represents a firm and strong foundation. The white dots in our new T.I.P. acronym is our non-verbal way, in visual graphic form, to suggest to the reader to read TIP as T.I.P. and not as “tip”.